HENNESSY Paradis Extra Cognac
Created in 1979. Right bottle with wider bottleneck and small cork, left bottle with big cork from 1990's. Age 30 to 130 years old, more then 100 eau-de-vie are used to create this great cognac.
HENNESSY Paradis Extra
This type of bottle was firts used in 2001 Age 30
to 130 yearsThe oldest eau-de-vie's are used from 1870 from Hennessy’s fameuze Chais des Fondateurs also known as Paradis.The Paradis color is bronze-copper, on the nose: Some notes reveal spicy aromas - then fruits and dry roses. Full fruits - finally a bomb of different aromas, great balanced length and very round.

HENNESSY Paradis Rare

This type of bottle was firts used in 2001 & came in a Red Box bottle marked Extra. Now  in 2007 they released this Grey Box and the bottle now marks RARE. Age 30 to 130 years.


Sample bottle 70cl