Here you will find my mini HENNESSY bottles.

Hennessy *** 3 Star dated between 1925-1950

format 3cl, 5cl, 8cl flask

Hennessy 3Star ***  8cl flask. Label was used first in 1938

Hennessy 3Star ***  1930-1950's

Hennessy VS *** 


Hennessy VS 10cl flask

Hennessy A.B.C 40°  3cl  Jamais abalssé

Hennessy Black 5cl

Hennessy *** Bras Armé 3cl

This is the same quality!

Hennessy Bras Armé 8cl flask 1973

Hennessy Bras Armé 3cl~5cl from 1960's

Hennessy Bras Armé 42° 3cl  from 1930's

Hennessy Bras Armé 3cl 1960's

Hennessy Bras d'Or 3cl from 1954

Hennessy Bras d'Or year 1963  3cl

Hennessy Bras d'Or produced between 1970-73 3cl

Hennessy Bras d'Or 5cl.
Produced between 1990 ans 2002. This quality doesn't exist anymore.

Hennessy Classique 3cl

In the "Super Premium" range, these "Classique" miniatures are part of an eaux-de-vie quality specific to japan market which was developped in 2000 and proposed until 2002. However, this quality is not produced anymore.
Hennessy Nostalgie De Bagnolet 5cl. Extra Rare Cognac. From 1985-1994

Hennessy EXTRA 3cl aprox 1920's

Hennessy Fine de Cognac 5cl

Hennessy Finde de Cognac 5cl Tea Set

Hennessy Henco 5cl

This product was developed in 1950's and 60's in order to compete Scotch Whisky which was expanding at this time in France. This is not VS, VSOP or X.O. This is a quality apart!

Hennessy Henco 'DRY'  3cl

Hennessy Napoleon 1970's 3cl

Hennessy Napoleon 'Bras d'Or'  3cl

Hennessy Na-Geanna Whiskey 3cl.
A shortly lived Irish whiskey released in to the Japanese market at the turn of the Millenium

Hennessy Paradis Extra 5cl

Hennessy Pure White 5cl

Hennessy Private Reserve 1865 5cl

Hennessy Private Reserve 1873 5cl

Hennessy Richard 5cl

Hennessy Richard 10cl

Hennessy Single Distillery Set of 3 bottles 5cl in carton box

Camp Romain

Le Peu


Hennessy Single Distillery 5cl bottles

Le Peu


Camp Romain

Hennessy Timeless 5cl 43,5°

Hennessy Timeless 5 & 20cl

Hennessy VSOP Privilège 5cl

Hennessy VSOP Limited editions 5cl

Hennessy VSOP Privilège Genome 5cl

Hennessy VSOP KYRIOS 5cl limited edtion 3D label

Hennessy VSOP Privilège 3cl~5cl

Hennessy VSOP 2014 Privilège 5cl

Hennessy VSOP Privilège 5cl statif

Hennessy VSOP 3cl 42°  1920-1930's

Hennessy VSOP Fine Champagne 0.029l  1970's

Hennessy VSOP Fine Champange 5cl~0.029l  1970's

Hennessy VSOP Fine Champagne 1970's

3cl white & gold label  0.029l

Hennessy VSOP Fine Champagne 0.029l  1970's Asian version

Hennessy VSOP Fine Champagne 3cl aprox 1930-1940's

Hennessy VSOP Grande Fine Champagne 1950~1960's 3cl

Hennessy VSOP Reserve 3cl

1970's Asian version



Hennessy VSOP Reserve 3cl 1970's

Hennessy VO~Very Old  ''from 1930-1950's''

Class VO is a flagship product of the early Twentieth century high quality just as three stars. The last made dates from 1974.

Hennessy XO 5cl

Hennessy XO 5cl 1990's type

Hennessy XO gold

Hennessy XO 5cl in XO shape motif holder

Hennessy XO in statif 5cl

Hennessy XO in transparant grapes~XO shape statif 5cl

Hennessy XO 5cl 1960-1970's

Hennessy XO long type 3cl bottle aprox 1960's

Hennessy XO tin cap 3cl  aprox 1920's

Hennessy Golden XO decanter, content 12cl ~empty~

XO bottle 1990's type 20cl

Hennessy XO decanter 'Silver & Gold' 12cl

Hennessy XO Grande Champagne 5cl~20cl

Hennessy XO Grande Champagne

5 & 70cl. 5cl metal holder celebrate the year 2000

Hennessy Box set 3 x 5cl

Private Reserve 1873