Invited to experience a taste of ... Yann Fillioux Cellar master of the house Hennssy, has created two "cuts" unique: Robust Character Strength and Subtle, two rare cognacs and contrasting.

"Cup" is the term used to describe the main assemblies of distilled spirits. Thus, several "cuts" are assembled to create a cognac. Subtle and Robust Character Strength from these "cuts" treasure of the house, and are true pillars in the composition of some of the most prestigious Hennessy cognacs

HENNESSY Diptyque Robust Character

Assembly eaux-de-vie aged amber color and very, offers tasting generosity, strength and a strong temperament. "Through this cut, I have tried to reveal the strength of character of the great Cognac Hennessy" explains Yann Dillioux.


An elegant cognac that combines Sub-Tle constraint and heady exuberance. It has a warm light-filled colour and a smooth velvety texture. The nose is balanced with an attractive burts of aromas of honey, vanilla and dried roses. The sensation on the palate is one of great finess! The lingering aromas are accompanied by supremely harmonious and balanced flavours of fig, peach and spices, simultaneously light, full and persistent