My name is Olivier and I'm from Belgium.  It is my friends ho gave me the name "Don Henny" as for my big passion "Hennessy".


I started drinking cognac about 15 years ago, and fell in love for this great drink. Today it has become a big part of my life.

Collecting Hennessy started several years later, after just getting in touch with the VS in a local bar. Has now  turned into a big passion some years later.

I was surprised when first started searching for more Hennessy bottles.

As like most people think/know it's only VS,VSOP,XO,Paradis & Richard. But... the amount of bottles and special releases on the market are just amazing. 

Still today I still find out about old bottles I have never seen or exclusive releases. Hennessy just keeps amazing me!!!

Over the years my collection has grown over 500 bottles in all sizes included my doubble ones. And in the mean while I started collecting promo material, cars, glass, bar atributes, t'shirts,,,, even got it painted on a well in my house. So now all that is related to Hennessy is of interest for me.

Organising a tasting event at my home has become common also, as I want to let my friends experience with me the greatness of this product/brand.

It's beautifull to taste all the many flavors that each cognac has and makes it unique. As for my favorites of course Hennessy Richard,no doubt this is one of the most amazing cognac in the world! But I also prefere Private Reserve 1865, Napoleon/Bras d'Or, XO Grande Champagne just to name a few as at the end, I love them all.

Feel free to ask any questions. Or when you have a bottle for sale/trade/value/looking for to buy and can't find them, let me know I might be able to help you. "fill in the contact form or send message on the guestbook"


Thank you and I hope you enjoy my page and Hennessy collection. 



Don Henny


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Don Henny ~ Hennessy Collector